I walked to school today and ran past that old coffee place that sold it in big Styrofoam cups. Then I parked my car beside a truck as big as Amsterdam and got out to hurry to class. If I was really wild, I’d have brought my book from home- the one with the pink station wagon on the front by a beach scene/surf shop. all I can think about when my kids are yelling and calling my name, is to read my book quietly behind my desk.

thought about a lot of things last night and turned on wind chimes so that I wouldn’t think about the first things too much. then I got up early and wanted to take a cold shower, but took a lukewarm one, and drank coffee in my 12-year old bathrobe. I’ve worn it hundreds of times on the internet, over Skype with boyfriends, and on Gchat with Noah. every time I look at it on video I say im gonna get a new one.
I thought about going to Canada last night with my cats, and making up some story about this other life I had, that I left. I sometimes want to be around native French speakers. they wouldn’t know the first thing about me, and I wouldn’t be able to hear them. maybe I can help the elk or the moose…aren’t they in the same family? I heard they’re endangered, but by mosquitoes. the owl too. the kind that can stand the cold.

Noah thinks delta is gonna be a better job than bill collecting. while there, he can rack up tickets to come home and see me and alice. I called him from work today while he was in the elevator, and he says that he’s gonna be able to go all over the place, to different cities. I watched people do that in “Up in the Air”- rack up a bunch of airline points to go anywhere in the world. making a mental note to self…


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