i flipped through my magazines and earmarked 3 yoga videos that i wanted to get to. all were pretty do-able from the looks of it. one that i tried required that you take your leg out sideways, which i did. i got half way through with the other one, drank tea and played w/ the cats. when i do trial poses i see my cats cause i look down through my legs and see them . i checked out the bio of the instructor- an asian woman with wire tattoos, an orange jumpsuit and LOTS of flexibility. she looked like she might be from the dark side of san francisco.

i woke up at 4 or 5 after i couldn’t sleep and i picked up marion winick’s book again. i keep trying out others, but then i see her hardcover staring at me from the other side of the room, and i can’t wait to pick it up. she says that she’s had 52 people die near and close to her, in Glen Rock, Pennsyvlania. she wrote this memorium for every one of them called “The Glen Rock Book of the Dead”. the book cover was so blue that i didnt read the title . i don’t know when Marion got it into her that she should move, but she did correct thinking. i didn’t realize till half way through that i was reading a tribute to dead people, till i actually read the first page. sometimes i miss things like that. i picked back up my other book, which was what i splurged on, because it kept talking about california in 69. i feel like i should try out LSD so i can finally after one-hundred and some odd pages, know what thomas pynchon is trying to get through.

I think about yoga when I’m sitting upright in a chair or when I’m walking down a hallway. I like to think that its changed my personality, or that I can somehow picture myself doing headstands anywhere. i have this wall against the side of my classroom, where that’d be great to do one. wish i could have tape-recorded my teacher the other night . she keeps shooting tips in the middle of class in my direction, “Keep your head up! You’re tall, so maintain posture.” she has curly hair and i have tried leaving mine down when doing stretching poses, so it’d bob up and down and make me feel like a buddha. that’s who i think she is anyways…


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