I graded too much today and I was supposed to go into my therapists office thinking about what I was gonna say, but I didn’t have anything in mind.I got all jumbled up with my stories and I got mixed up about Star Man and Gray’s Galaxy, who’s the other guy I’ve been seeing.  I wound up sitting in Therapist’s chair ready more for a business talk, then for for something supportive….

I think I rely more on my text messages for support than from anything else…Sponge Painter/Collector/Stamp Artist texted me about how boring her room is while the students aren’t there.  And I agree… I sat grading papers thinking that I’d like the alone time, but then crazy Cheerleader Student came bouncing through the door.  I almost wanted her to stay.  It was a tug-and-pull between rushing to the copier before anyone made it there, or staying to talk about my student’s essay that was kind of deep.  Marquette has always been the knock-off kind.  He comes in late, spits his mouth off to people, and tries to get away with not wearing a uniform shirt.   Today he actually made some effort. Phew.  I’ve done something right.

I got to listen to chimes off the internet, which was while I was flipping hamburgers for a friend after finding a yoga video I liked on YouTube.  We tried different downward dog poses together, well not entirely.  We were on seperate mats.  But I ran through the rythyms faster ’cause I’d seen this instructor before, but on a remedial video.  I’d done all her poses tons and tons of times.  When were finished eating, he asked if he could help me to grade.  I told him that I had to actually get some work done, and so I walked him out and chewed on the top of my dumb red grading pen.


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