5 transferable skills i could get from teaching

a. being a maid and cleaning up papers all over the place

b. being an advocate for recycling all those papers that people waste

c going door to door advertising something, anything just by way of slipping flyers into people’s mailboxes

d. being a nutritionist and really advising people what’s behind all thatcafeteria food

e. organizing my dad’s filing cabinet finally and now that i’ve gotten good at that

f. being in a sorority now that i know how to fake smile and keep it going at 7:30 am

g. being a hallway monitor or a crossing guard- i’ve learned how to come in between a car and a kid and mean it

h. a chimney sweeper-there is so much dust in my room that i can’t live without

i.an IT tech person– not that i really am but i spent so much time talking on the phone to those people that i could practically do their jobs for them


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