“Every day, choose something you do habitually and do it differently. Getting dressed, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, driving to and from work, making your bed, taking out the trash, setting the table, cooking, eating—do it as you have never done it before. Be aware of your body, your attention, your mind—and ignore or push away any thought that what you are doing differently is a bad or inefficient way of doing it. Stay open to the experience.”


usually something breaks and then i have to do something differently . like my french press coffee maker.  i made that for awhile because the button on my other one wouldn’t push on , no matter which way i tried.  so i stuffed coffee grounds in this pot that turned out to work.  it was from my sister-in-law , who we all feel sort of awkward around.  then my cups filled up with stuck grounds and they wouldn’t come out and robot man looked at me funny when i took extra care to prove that there was coffee silt.

my cat has fleas.  now i feel like they’re everywhere.  i shouldn’t let them outside anymore.  my black cat whines when i ask him if he ‘s okay, so i don’t know if that means he’s itchy , or if he’s just picky about wanting his water bowl.  my cats haven’t eaten their food a lot in two days.  i think it’s cause they’re too busy itching. i’m not going to touch my computer.  how long does it take for my gmail button to look the color of “away”…i don’t want robot man to think i’m watching for him to to write me by now.


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