i was trying to watch Lost again but i’ll try not to now.  i took a walk around john’s garden.  he had a big grassy yard and a masonic firepit at the end with plastic chairs. inside there was a lot of wood covering windows and fireplaces and I had to leave.  he asked me down to the basement at the top stair he asked me to point out which one was his mother, out of a silver framed picture of black and white girls  in the 1900’s. i went back up the stairs and said that i wanted to see the backyard first .  but first we stopped in the kitchen where there was a red teapot.

outside i walked because this is my assignmen this week, in the wet grass in my heels that i’d been wearing since 6 in the morning. i was so tired when i saw his firepit , so i said i had to go.  my mom said i had to.  she called me the first five minutes before and asked where i was going and i was so burned out from grading that i told her the truth. i was supposed to grade more, but my cat had fleas and so i had to kill all of them before i did anything else. jobs never end.


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