“think about the way you played as a child”- assignment for MFA

i remember going to sleep at 7pm in a green room with wallpaper .  The wallpaper was white with 70’s colored flowers on it.  There was a dormer window even though Florida doesn’t have these, that had black frames.

I remember driving past a grassy knoll area in Orlando that looked like it could be European.  We were going to my kindergarten friend Brad’s fifth birthay party.  In places like Miami and Helsinki, I think I saw that exact place.

I remember seeing a city from a highway motel exit somewhere in New Hampshire.  I pretended that it was Ohio.  I’ve looked everywhere in Ohio for somewhere that looks like New Hampshire.  But I have to go back to Ohio so that I can keep looking.

I remember my grandmother’s blue fabric seats.  They either smells like her perfume or her lipstick.  I think she wore Anais Anais.

I remember being at that motel off that highway in New Hampshire where there was a pool.  I saw a really fat kid doing belly flops into a pool there and it was like 48 degrees out.  I remember feeling like I was through and through, from Florida.

I remember taking a shower at that motel and wanting to think about that pool so i could be warm and not cold.

I remember the feel of my mom’s nails while she used peanut butter and ice in the shower on my neck.  My best friend Melissa and I had tried to make jewelry out of gum.  Melissa got her ring off, but my necklace got stuck around my neck and wouldn’t come off.

I remember the cold concrete floors of my grandmother’s home in Sarasota.  They had all different colored dots over them that looked elegant.

I remember the feeling of being shocked by my grandmother’s nightgown.  It was cold in November and when my brother and I climbed into bed with her at 6 am there was static electricity on everything.

I remember the taste of turkey and how boring it was.  David, my brother, and I always had to wait till we were finished to open up the little chocolate marshmellow man that our grandmother would set on our place mats.

* this was inspired by Joe Brainard’s “I remember”…


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