thanks joe brainard

i read joe brainard’s book “i remember”, practically the whole reading of it in dionysus after class.  now i get all his stuff stuck in my head…cheers joe….

i went back to teaching because that’s when i write best…maybe it’s when kids make fun of my outfits that i have a true idea.

the teacher next door is a soccer coach and in my spare time of reading self-published books, i think up ways to explain to him what i read ( he has a girlfriend).

i feel like i’m in 6th grade when i see this girl carla jean from my CWPA class. she died her hair so blond once that it turned white.

i m sort of dating this guy that won’t read anything but astrology predictions.  he asked me if he could read my I Ching (whatever that is).  it said, “be prepared to date a bitch.” (in so many words, that was really my interpretation but i think he took my words as truth)

the guy ive been dating doesn’t want babies because he already has one…i just figured if we had another one then they could be like cousins, cause they wouldn’t be that far apart.  his daughter is not even 1.

this guy’s mom’s last name and dad’s last name is his, with a hyphen in between.  they divorced before he was one.

he said if he could, he would change the spelling of his name.

i said if i could, i would change my whole name.  he said this was good because it sounded like i was florida and he said that florida names were kind of trashy.

this guy likes to hang out with guys that spend most of their money on pot rather than cable for programs like top chef.

when we watch top chef we therefore have to be kind of secretive about it (but the survivor top chef has so far been our favorite)

he promised me that he’d try and not ….before two weeks .  but then i sort of lifted up my agreement on that

i backfired and said he raised lots of red flags for me and then i blamed him for getting me to sleep with him before i was ready

but then somewhere down the line we hung out again and played trivia and we missed each other…so…

i saw him walking down the street and he kept talking like someone i didn’t know…so i said that i acted more driven than him…


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