things to be polite about:

i went to dalleas’ play today and liked it more than i thought i would have because they sung all my favorite musicals and i met two of her great friends…i’ve been preoccupied lately.  i haven’t been as into my cats lately and last night at temple i missed a couple of the songs when the rabbi gave us our page numbers.  i ate candy that was passed around to be tossed at an anniversary couple, and i botched up a nanny interview cause i didn’t study up on infants the night before.  ive been singing along to the words from the same song over and over again and it’s called ’round and ’round.

i went to the pool today and got my head together after eating grapes with annie and jennifer…i told them that i’ve been hanging out lately with alex so that i don’t have to remember all the money ive dumped out onto my car to get it to work…i road the bus for about a week and a half and i chilled with this lady who worked at mcdonalds, who told me where to find all the mccafes. other than that ive been collecting dialogue from using the lightrail..the guy ones i get usually want more, my number or something.  but i’ve found ways out of that…

today i gave a mechanic with tattoos all up and down his left arm a 6 pack of Becks because he took care of my bumper and i bought myself and friends heinken too.  i f—ed it up last night when i dropped plans with my friends to eat sushi alone, and i pushed the accelerator on to run over the parking block in front of me.  i closed my eyes on the way home everytime i saw someone pointing at my broken bumper that was waving up sparks around my hood…my friend said they’d stay up and watch the olympics with me but they passed out watching them with his girlfriend allison instead…


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