there are two things id rather have in front of me when sitting next to brian and one is the new york times and the other is a list of the latest bands that are playing bluegrass around the monkton area.  i went up to monkton once, by car in the night and the other time is when brad and i biked the NCR trail and made a u-turn when we saw the monkton tavern.  i went home and read the paper till i knew what year justice roberts became the chief of the supreme court and until i learned that he probably made the health care decision based on a  love for taxes and his tenure.

daella watches the young turks on you tube because she doesn’t have a tv.  and, ever since  she’s started studying technical writing through mit she’s joined an agnostics club, a skeptics group, and the army reserves.  she says the last one is just for money.  daella and i tried not to look at our phones cause of our boyfriends  but then when we got to the ottobar we both kind of admitted that we write better after we’ve just made out.  so instead we danced with each other and with a Swedish girl with an accent. that was when los campesinos was playing downstairs, when we felt like we were sitting up on washing machines because our stools kept vibrating from the drum cymbals downstairs.

i called the chamber of commerce in ottawa because i want to see a band there, but it’s really far away…like 9 hours but the lady on the phone sounded lke she really wanted me to come, so we made up a game plan and she gave me a list.  now all i have to do is stare at my options…i can drive up with brad, which would take longer since his car is on the rocks.  i could take amtrack and spend all my job money, or i could take Greyhoud and spend 3 days on a bus trying to listen to the news through areas of spotty internet access.   did you know that south korea might finally be making a pact japan?  if i had china or north korea looming over me i would have tried to forget the past a lot longer and ….embrace park guen hueye .  she became the first lady at 22 even though her father was the president and she was the daughter.


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