if i get up now my check that i’m owed might not be in my mailbox, or i might go out and spend more money in Hampden cause it’s pretty fun.  i have two extra tickets to a ball game that we lost to, the Nationals, and i found my receipts from Goodings even though their super market is in florida.  i keep saying that im gonna go out but i can’t find my wallet even though i have only one bedroom and im organized, so i’m reading a biography on Steve Jobs instead.  i looked back through my internet history and i found something funny- my ok cupid profile … per exemple:

“I spend a lot of time thinking about

the flaming lips, how other people come up with tweets, why other people get followers on WordPress, when I’m gonna finally get a job doing something I like, why I don’t care about getting up at 9, why i don’t care about going out lately every night this week.  why i don’t cook enough, if i’m spending too much $$ on bagels @ the coffee shop, why i don’t volunteer enough”
the mailman always talks so loud on his bluetooth when he delivers my mail and sometimes i can’t tell if he’s talking to me or the other person on the line.  but i’m pretty sure i want a job like that and so i’ve been circling jobs in the want-ads like his ever since.  did you know that heat rises?  it makes since because i feel fine in my basement apartment and its 97 degrees out.  i keep thinking that i should go out but then the weird neighbor next door would see me walking out alone and think that i don’t have a boyfriend when i told him that i did.

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