more than the food market

the strangest thing happens when you are out and it’s 97 degrees out, like you wind up doing karaoke and giving up $20 bucks easily to adopt a flamingo from the zoo.  this was after i tried making a brochure for my parents.  they’d nixed it while i was talking to them and eating cheese dip.  i did this after running for six miles with no water and i was hoping this would balance it out.

gretchen, my friend that i’d met from long ago came out and actually took afflec up on their ad to sell health insurance.  afflec’s been calling me from all different numbers across the country, mostly washington, and i keep telling them that im not interested.  but gretchen says she’s getting certified and that if she passes the test it will be no more cold calls for her after that, just moving on next to the higher up’s.  maybe i should reconsider.

i brought her home with me and tried on several different dresses before keeping the tight one on that my mom dropped $75 for at anthropologie.  i swore i’d take it back, get a medium because it’s too small.  but then i put on high heels and i didn’t look so bad and we were meeting up with mike and drew so i just went with it.  at the new place which was the food market, we ran up a tab of five glasses of wine, a strawberry gin fizz, and a platter of salads that we changed out minds about and sent back.  gretchen took mark’s glasses and tried to walk out so that she could keep them but he followed her and then we wound up some place else, the wine bar.

drew and i talked business on the orange hair-cutting high stools that you could decompress to let yourself down.  he says that phone apps are the new bizz and that i better get up and on it, to it snap fast.  we ran up another tap and all of us had our hands up in the air because who’s supposed to pay for this one?  i paid mostly for the last and the one before that.

i called it a night by smoking outside with drew past the xmas house and by saying i wouldn’t go home with him because i didn’t believe in sex before marriage anymore.  a police car was sitting by the corner of roland avenue facing us and i felt like i could walk over to them if i needed to.  anyway.  gretchen went home with mike, we dropped her off by the uphill on falls and he picked up her keys and they drove.  she didn’t call me back till this morning to tell me that she was okay.


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