the contemporary musuem of art, chicago

thursday i went to a museum and watched paint being splattered over a poster-sized blow-up of vogue magazine.  I took pictures of photos of rockstars on a wall that were half of patty smith’s nose, iggy pop’s beard, and jimmy page’s curly hair. and then I tapped my shoe to Al Green’s “let’s stay together” that was playing above a black mantel made of soap with his album cover dead and center on it.  next. water balloons.  lots of them.  blown up halfway, some blown up all over the others and taking up room in front of splatter-paint on canvas.  there’s still four more floors of this.  on the next one were some sketches of matisse and maybe some sculptures half-way done, next to a guard who was watching us the whole time with her hands behind her back.  upstairs. I tried talking to a boxed robot with a blue and an orange arm because he looked like he was saying “and what do you think you are doing here?”  but then my family was going elsewhere, checking out a cezanne sketch on a white wall where a view of lake superior could be seen from floor-to-ceiling walls. my dad was sick of this stuff and wanted to go to lunch so we came down the Rocky steps to an outdoor market where i donated my pear that i didn’t eat for breakfast next to a strawberry market stand.


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