Writing is great and stuff but I should get out more, you know, hang out with my boyfriend when he calls, and answer my guy friends’ messages instead of letting them go to voicemail.  I should keep my promise to go to SoWeBo with Brad and I should watch Katatonix and not make up excuses about why I have to lesson plan and do my bills- when all I really wanna do is write.


Yeah but you can do all that stuff in your story.  In fact if you wrote about SoWeBo and how you made some wimpy excuse to go home and do your email, then that would be a start to something longer.  Think about the rain, think about spending money, think about the people smoking and making you wanna start again.  Sit behind your typewrite at home.  Get started.


Michelle says there’s this really cool festival this weekend called the Transmodern.  There’s going to be this whole exhibit from MICA students who have set up shop.  Weekends is playing and they are doing a crowd surfing show.  I think I should skip submitting this third piece.  It has a lot of work that needs to be done and I’m starting to shy away from face-to-face conversation.  Lately the only kind I do is from behind the keyboard on my phone, or IMing or on Skype.  I should get out more.


But think about how behind you are.  Member all those MFA kids from Goucher?  They’re light-years ahead.  That guy called the Ranting Chef gets an average of 100 Likes on every post. Catch up!  Did you read that article on blogging Tim sent you?  You didn’t did you.  Well you should.  You should stay home and you should read it, line for line.  You should open yourself up to better ways of writing.  And how can you do that when you’re around people all the time and boxed wine?  Drinking over exaggerates your stories by the way…


But I miss the jukebox at Club Charles.  And I’m starting to have to make up excuses to Brad when he calls and asks if I wanna see a “The Sound of My Voice”, an independent movie.  Writing can wait.  I don’t need a studio.  It’s not like my doors are locked at certain point.  I’ve missed MadMen for the fourth week straight and this time I wanna pitch in for the Old Fashions.  It’s just not the same watching it on reruns without a room full of girls that like a cocktail that tastes like fruit punch.


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