today we played “lets cut out letters” to make a sign for our play, until we decided that we didn’t want to do a play, we wanted to build a fort.  So we built a fort and we got under it but then we decided that we were gonna let Sari and Lindi inside and not Michael and Arlene and Robert.  Maybe it’s cause Arlene didn’t want to play with everyone when we were in line on our way back to aftercare.  So, I had to draft up a new game, which was “lets make envelopes” to deliver to Sari and Lindi since they woudn’t let us in.  That went everywhere, the envelopes, because they started being made in massive amounts after I taught the kids how to fold construction paper ¾ of the way up, then fold the tops into triangle like this;

Even I got into it.  I told them to make notes, love letters, theater tickets.  And I got Kelly to let us use her empty saddle bag as the mail carrier.  I cut out business cards for everyone and let them make up new names for themselves and then I paper clipped them to the top of their shirts.  All was going fine until  I saw the lunchboxes of the three kids I let outside the library.  I thought Kara and  were Angela the responsible ones because they like rules and sticking to routines.  I was distracted however, when Lisa came into show me splashes from a pee stain on the bottom of her legs and I called Time-Out then and there.  Play time was OVER.


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