kids….crazy like the movie kind

okay so i love kids, im practically one myself and i can get into legos just as much as the four year-old next to me.  But…i still have trouble lining my kids up for snack and having them listen when i tell them not to kick a ball at someone’s face. here’s some of my case studies now:

boy: brown curly hair

asks to be the line leader to gym a lot and loves to play legos.  will do his homework, but only if there’s an incentive involved.  tattles a lot on other kids, like when he steals their toy cars and they call him names for it.  throws toy cars, wants Connect Four all to himself (even though it’s a 2-person game), and likes to leave people out.  runs a lot in the gym and asks more than twice, if we can go to recess.

girl: pigtails & ribbons

she asks me over and again if she can play under the computer desk, where there are printer cords and old monitors.  and then she asks if i’ll play the mom, ignore the other kids, and crawl down under there with her.  if she were a box of Cheese-Its in there, i just might.

boy: superman backpack

he’s petite, but he’s really cute and i can already tell that he’s gonna have a lot of friends growing up.  i never see it, but everyone says he hits the other kids.  and when his mom came in one day she told me he came home with a bruise next to his eye.  he stole the pencil jar yesterday and he hit darren and later on mikayla (who had a stomach ache for the rest of the day after that).  but he cries a lot too, must be a kinesthetic learner.

boy: red & grey sweatshirt

he cries a lot a lot also, but if you have anythng with zebras on it, he will be your best-friend.  he likes to trace zebras from books, like making feeding them on the Talking Zebra app, and he likes galloping like a zebra.  he also says “get away stupid” to kids, adults, and me.

girl: pink balloon backpack

throws chairs, climbs up book shelves, and generally runs away to the bathroom.  she jumpkicks the glass doors when she sees a parent coming towards, and she likes to hide under the computer desk.  sometimes i let her color while all the other kids are doing their howework, just so she’ll be quiet.  if you tell her that you are going to call her mom, she’ll line up and start acting good again.


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