notes on a celebrity

• gestures • apparel • omits • climate • repeats • gestures • apparel • omits • climate • repeats • gestures •

robert plant, led zeppelin

        time: 12 a.m   place: new york   date: march 19, 1975    topic:  rock genre   length: 8 mins, 6 secs

climate in J.J Jackson’s office, an L.A. disc jockey; room is a black wall with  “scribbler” in wavy neon lines tacked to it, chinese lettering in vertical lines downt the front

apparel grey velvet jacket, blond thick curly hair, white tight, v-neck shirt; ring on right hand’s pinky, jeans, white feather in the back of his hair; belt buckle; chain necklace

repeats  “moment”, “soul”, “peace of mind”, “reasonably”, “changes”, “really beacuse of..”, “various”, “heaven forbid”

gestures points with a cigarette in between his middle finger and index; talks with his hands; posture is upright; moves his shoulder bone a lot; rubs chin with his pinky

omits how girls go crazy for him when he comes on stage with a jacket and no shirt; how smoking a cigarette may make him say things that he otherwise wouldn’t


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