ira glass dream

i had a dream last night that i got on the phone with the podcast ive been writing, ira glass, and that he called me up on speaker while i was in a dorm room.  i think it’s cause i’m on my way to UB soon for the MFA writing program, but this school was so much cooler.  it had a sloping lawn outside of a wall that was covered with windows and I got on a phone with a long cord and me and ira sat for like 20 minutes.

sometimes he would go through bad cell phone reception areas where i’d think our call was dropped.  but then he’d walk into a better reception area and then we’d pick up where we left off.  i kept looking around for my parents because i wanted to tell them that, “see, i told you ira glass would call me.  we are talking about really like everyday things.”

this is true.  on our phone conversation we talked about w.o.r.m.s, the writing series i go too and then i opened up about my insecurities about the Three Penny Review.  and somehow i remember him saying like don’t worry about it or something. then i thought about ira glass and tried to remember if he was in a relationship because i thought i’d seen him on the cover of a magazine with a wedding ring.

but….i was interrupted by the sound of a dirt bike.  on interstate-83 we hear them all the time and the city gave up trying to get the police to enforce laws on them.  i wish all the time that they would crash and burn so that they wouldnt sound so loud.  but this time in my dream, it happened.  there was this guy and i could hear him screaming and then i heard him driving into a pool, fighting to swim.  that’s when my alarm woke me up.  maybe somebody up there is trying to make me feel guilty.


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