fall, 2012: independant films

some quotes from the movie….


subtitles: “In 1939 Detroit was the fastest growing population in the world.”

narrator: “Since 1994, Detroit has gone from having over a 1,878,000 residents, to having around 800,000.”

subtitles: “There are 100,000 abandoned properties in Detroit.”

pollster: “Detroit occupies a land mass equivalent to the size of San Francisco, Manhattan, and Boston combined with room to spare.”

the mayor: “Most of this area is abandoned.”

Dark Horse:

main character: “Mom, you owe me $848.00 from me beating you in backgammon from the past ten nights.”

selma blair:“Instead of slitting my wrists, I’m going to give up on a writing career and a chance at fame for marriage & kids.  So yeah, Ill marry you.”

secertary: “I don’t count it as him having an affair because when your husband and you despise each other, it doesn’t count as cheating.”

christopher walken: “I’ve decided to fire you and replace you with your deadbeat cousin because I feel he’s gonna be a harder worker than you.

Under African Skies:

paul simon: “You know that song “I Know What I Know” from the Graceland album? It’s really about girls in the sixties who started wearing miny skirts.”

david byrnes: “Graceland was an album that rocked a little harder…it had a little more ‘low end’ goin on down there.”

paul simon: “When i flew into johannesburg (in 1985) the racial tension was so thick in the air that it was hard to even think of something to capture it lyrically.”


brother: “I’ll call mom to get us since we missed the ferry back to home, but only if you french kiss Buttercup (the dog)”

william: “They need to change the names of ‘hot dogs’.  my dogs a fine lookin, hot dog, but i wouldn’t put him in a bun and eat him.”


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