movie review: “dark horse”

cast: selma blair, mia farrow, christopher walken, justin bartha, zachary booth;

setting: los angeles;

premise: a 30ish guy living with his parents (justin bartha), looks for love with (selma blair)

characters: richard (guy living with his parents), selma blair (girl living with her parents), mia farrow (richard’s mother), christopher walken (richard’s dad)

if “richard” was so rich then why did he wear the same blue sweatshirt everyday over and over again?

the only part of richard that made me want to look at him was his name necklace outlined in diamonds

made me want to learn how to make spreadsheets just in case a guy like richard’s dad, fires him for not working hard, and hires someone who does, like me

sometimes i wished that selma blair had never taken that cigarette out of her mouth because she looked better when she wasn’t talking

seeing richard collect action hero figures from toys r us, made me want to see if i could start collecting she-ra dolls again

i liked mia farrow’s glasses

i thought tupes were supposed to enhance a man’s look….if they had to give christoper walken one, why couldn’t it have been brown or black & not grey?

if richard had actually taken all of his iron man collectibles off his wall, i would have married him and moved in with his parents- his wallpaper was that cool

watching mia farrow play back gammon against her son richard  in her circa 1980’s lavish dining room set made me want to take up the game really bad

made living with your parents look so cool

i never knew that it was possible for secertary’s who wore their glasses on a necklace to live double lives (like by sleeping with younger men) until i saw this film



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