tonight’s tv line-up:

with my headphones i’d rather listen to:

time: 5:30 pm

channel: Fox Broadcasting System

program: Malcolm in the Middle

ignoring: Apartment E

violation: woman is yelling at her boyfriend on her bluetooth, at a voice level of 10

conclusion: i’d rather listen to Malcolm get screamed at by his mother for being a peeping tom, then listen to why this women’s bf keeps walking by her window


time: 6:30 pm

channel:Animal Planet

program: Planet’s Best: Brown Hyenas

ignoring: Apartment A & E

violation: kids running loudly up & down the stairs.

conclusion: i’d rather watch a stampede of hyenas because at least they can’t talk while they run.


time: 7 pm


program:Dr. Phill

ignoring: Apartments C & E

violation: couples fighting/arguing

conclusion: i’d rather watch couples fighting on dr. phil because he has a whole crowd to cheer for him, whereas i have my cats, when he calls secrurity to tame things down.


time: 9 pm

channel: History channel

program:Pawn Stars

ignoring: Apartment B & E

violation: apartment B cursing about a bathroom water leak, from apartment E

conclusion: i’d rather listen to the pawn stars cursing out a customer because pros like them always look better than rowdy neighbors, when trying to initimdate people


time: 10 pm

channel: Bravo

program: The Housewives of Orange County (re-run)

ignorning: Apartment J

violation: voicing their conversation too loud, about how their friend hooked up with a fourteen year-old.

conclusion: would rather watch an older man with lots of money (Jeff), date a younger girl who’s really gorgeous (Gretchen), than listen to my homely neighbor talk about doing the same thing



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