recipe for : amnesia

recipe for: wtf did I do (sunday)?

if i follow this list maybe i’ll remember…i came home smelling like w—-, there were cups all over,  i’d ripped five new band dates playing from the newspaper , with black magic marker circled over…

1 part of “what was i thinking”

1 ounce of “who’d i give my number out to”

2 ounces of “what did i lose there”

2 tablespoons of “how did i get this beer stain”

1 teaspoon of “what’s that smell in my hair”

1 cup of “why did i write this number on my hand”

3/4 cup of “how much money did i withdraw from the bank”

2 tablets of advil/every 4 hours: “i’ll never drink this much again”

lots & lots of coffee

-yesterday after bribing my boyfriend with pomegranate seeds to see the film “the sound of my voice” with me, i gave up, let him study for the rest of the day and i dialed up aika to see it with me instead. but instead of seeing that, i ran home (like for 60 minutes in my sneakers and on purpose for  the rush),

– i drew on purple & blue eyeliner because aika gave me 10 good reasons for why we should see the pow wow.

-was pissed. i saw 5 hot hippies in between no one who looked like aika, for almost 45 mins.

-was getting up and a blond hot guy in a leather jacket made me change my mind. he shared, shared, shared.

-made friends with a brown haired girl, one with silver bangles, & 2 guys with matching cool purple vans, from Pasadena!  they

-let me listen to their other earbud and i heard “nfc”, their album: dinafest…

-dinafst: in September,  come, come, come.- anyone!


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