Events & Reactions

month of: april

april.5: i went to an open mic called Artichoke Haircut and i

chickened out of reading at it after i had eggs (plastic Easter ones) thrown at me before i got up to read; i took it as a bad oman

april.12:  i saw the hunger games and i

….wanted to move to alaska so i could have the excuse of wearing a visor and changing the night to day like the Capitol did during the games

april.13-22: i read a book called the Chrysalids and i

stared at my kindergartener’s hand with the pencil in it believing that i could telepathically make it move to finish his homework

april.15: i listened to Goyte sing on Saturday Night Live and i

wanted to get records back from my ex- & change my number; all so that he would miss me as “Someone (He) Used to Know”.

april.21: i watched 1.5 seasons of breaking bad and i

….forgave myself for pouring salt instead of sugar into a cookie recipe after i saw jesse pinkman screw up 2 batches of crystal methylene

april.24: i saw a preview for the film The Sound of My Voice and i…

…wanted to have a slumber party & play pin-the-tail on the donkey so i could feel what its like to be in a hospital gown and in a basement cult

april.25: for free time i let my kindergartdeners build a fort and i….

…reminded myself that in 3rd world countries a family of 5 actually live like this, to get my mind off of spending $1200/mnth for my  700 sq ft


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