40ish men & 30ish women

i can’t figure out why i keep taking on plus 40ish guy friends…here’s a breakdown of who:

case study A: 1.“5’9;  2.grey/black ponytail  3. is a special effects coordinator for films  4.gave a long list of apocalyptical novels  5. knows everything about Chrystalids & worked on the Road  6.knows all about why the author wrote  the Hunger Games-it was made to be a screenplay  7. paid for me go to a birthday party at the Helman, with hunters  8.buys his own guns for movies he works on & has a hard time reselling to eBay 9. hustles for jobs while at my book club  10.will say something if you are not stocking up for 12/21/12  11. painted ex-girlfriend green

case study B: 1 has a beard  2. “5’9  3. where’s yellowish-brown plaid shirts 4.English/Creative Writing professor at George Washington University   5.gave me a free book of his poems  5. sat down in a crowded bar and asked for my story 6. edited it while everyone around him was drinking, dancing and playing pin ball  7.is open- told me  lots about his  ex-wife 8. never loses his cool when reading at Mina’s  9.doesn’t laugh when delivering punchlines  10. doesn’t drink 11. knows pretty much everyone I’m friends with  12. composes poems about standing still

case study C: 1. “5’11 2. wears fleeces 3. has blue eyes 4. brought a reuben sandwich to share with me an exchange for a cigarette and my shower after work  5. tried to get me to go with him to the the Tudor Arms Gardens but I said I’d been there before 6. is Jewish  7. was a filmographer in San Francisco 8.gave me a ticket he was comped, to see the German film, “World on a Wire” 9.got me a position with the film festival 10.  corrected me when I asked how to screw Roman Shades into a cement wall 11. talks during Open Mic readings

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