this american life: wishlist

i wish this american life would do stories on…

RV’s & Their

1. interior design owners of em drive all-nighters    3. answer to “i took a detour & ended up in…” playlists 10 camp food favorites

general motors &…

1.detroit in general  2. best test drives  3.what they got away with: unions before imports/after   5.its factory:urban exploring  6. in its future…

the midwest

1.corn fields: 10 interesting facts  2. 5 coolest prariees   3. quaint towns no one ever writes about  4.why Indiana’s Hoosiers aren’t winning anymore

the 70’s

1. how hipsters immulate that decade       2. why no one goes wild with their hair anymore pink floyd & led zepplein reached their prime in it


1. bangle bracelets are sacred   2. how to sleep on sand in the desert   3. lucky charms  4.nomadic kids and their playdates to host a party on- the-go

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