5 toasts: cheers!

if i had maybe three full bloody mary’s (and if i really knew these people )this is what i’d have the nerve to get up and say:

to the host of the Artichoke Haircut writer’s series who threw plastic easter eggs out.  i caught three: 1st had pennies & dimes, 2nd. a walt whitman poem & jelly beans, 3rd a condom & a slip of paper (sexual awareness month)

to my double blinds that fell down at 4 am.  i walked past by them in my underware and had to wave hello to the gardener (who was fully dressed) next store.  cheers! (with coffee instead)

t0 jessica blau who read her story outloud yesterday about hippie parents who were also sex addicts and who did drugs in santa barbara.  i called up my family right afterwards and told them “no matter how i complained as a teenager that things weren’t exciting enough, im grateful now.”

to the girl who wrote a blog called “books & bowel movements”!  now ill be able to get my dad (who reads only mens’ stuff) into reading women’s blogs because he’ll have someone to relate to

to Spike Lee who finally took his tweets off from Twitter that accused that elderly couple of hiding George Zimmerman.  however maybe apologizing would be even better.

to my grandmother/mother who always told me “just get things done.” i spent 3 hours in the University of Baltimore  asking different offices to print out my graduate assistantship applications

to the University of Baltimore offices: i am cheering you with a six pack of beer that i have to buy for making an entirely bad impression with all of you.  i haven’t even signed up for classes yet.

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