things i learned about the woods

1. im just as scared at night except there’s less hospitals around.  so i have an appreciation for the city because if someone broke in it wouldn’t take an officer 30 m to get there

2.i like to wear colored jeans no matter where i if this means falling in a swamp then i guess it will be all the more noticeable on my purple pants

3. when i go to the beach near a campgrounds i bank on it being warm so i bring only a optimisim does not prevail: count on beaches being 20 degrees colder than a campsite

4.i still have nightmares no matter who is in the bed with me.  and no matter if we fall asleep at 9:30 pm or 1 am people are always gonna think you are having sex (if you shut your bedroom/tent door)

5.cook dinner for the host. the least i can do is say “thank you for letting me sleep in your cabin and not in the woods tonight” by making them dinner.

6. don’t expect every town to have a coffee shop. lol.  we did.  this one had a church and a graveyard and the closest thing to a coffee shop was the Shell Station.

7.  always bring a gps.

8. bring a guy who will yell at you for not knowing how to use a gps because he knows how to use one better.  it comes in handy

9. get drunk at the firepit. when else will someone listen to michael jackson on their cell phone and dance around a fire in a isolated place?  take advantage!


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