list for the beach

things I have to remember for the beach:

1. bring my own pillows in case I wanna go to bed early and to keep out gossip extra long straw to remind us to make margaritas

3, an audio book for the 3 hour trip to the beach

4. twizzlers to convince Andrew to pay for half the rental car

5. an ironing rod so I can get first dibbs at the fire pit

6. a really good black bra that can double as a bikini top

7.mad libs to make everyone laugh and to give us something to do without all the $$$ we spent on liquor

8. a big sun hat so that I don’t have to buy the sunblock I don’t have $$$ for

9. a copy of the parking ticket I got for $32 so I can throw it in the farm fire pit

10. lots and lots of wine with whatever money I can still charge on my credit card


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