list for the beach

things I have to remember for the beach:

1. bring my own pillows in case I wanna go to bed early and to keep out gossip extra long straw to remind us to make margaritas

3, an audio book for the 3 hour trip to the beach

4. twizzlers to convince Andrew to pay for half the rental car

5. an ironing rod so I can get first dibbs at the fire pit

6. a really good black bra that can double as a bikini top

7.mad libs to make everyone laugh and to give us something to do without all the $$$ we spent on liquor

8. a big sun hat so that I don’t have to buy the sunblock I don’t have $$$ for

9. a copy of the parking ticket I got for $32 so I can throw it in the farm fire pit

10. lots and lots of wine with whatever money I can still charge on my credit card


3 thoughts on “list for the beach

  1. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    sounds like a fun trip… dont forget
    bathing suit
    beach towel
    football, frisbee, etc (more active than mad libs)
    headache medicine (for those early morning headaches)
    Jimmy Buttet’s “Songs you know by Heart” CD, because it is not a beach trip without Buffet!!

    Have fun!! I wish I was going!

    • When a Third World Came West says:

      thank you thank you ! its still cold…is it where you are? thought i might get some rays but there was too much breeze!

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