Mad Men, Season 5

what i really hope will happen in season 5

peggy will date the hot beatnick from last season and leave new york for san francisco where she thinks up slogans for the peace movement

don draper will have cut down on drinking and realized that he had affairs mostly when he drank .  He will beg betty to take him back

roger sterling will see a better ad for bethlehem steel, figure that he needs to work harder on publicity.  He will press his nose to the grindstone to finally get some work done

betty will try to pretend that the new women in her neighborhood really like her but then she will hire carla back because carla was the only one who could actually put up with her

pete cambellwill grow up when he sees his reflection in his new son and will stop trying to impress everybody by acting older than he is

joan will have double the guys after her after her boobs get even bigger from being pregnant

harry crane will come back because he’s the most level-headed one and the office needs his influence

sally draper will start adding to her academic resume quick; the only way to get away from her mother is to involve herself in as many after school programs as she can


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