If I had so much $$ I’d….

give 3/4 of it to the aspca.  but then maybe peta. they could stop e emailing me stuff that i think about for days and days

give stuff to wtmd for me requesting neko case over and over

give $$ to the roland park library so i could get a computer at 330 when i get off of work and all the kids are there

buy robert pattison’s tidy whities and wear em for two weeks straight

a coffee shop for my friends and me who like weak roasts

tons> shares of stock to a boss so he could start up a taco tico somewhere

abc if they’d bring back “my so called life”…but with jared leto

go to farm-to-table restaurants

get the waiter at holy frajoles drunk so i could make out with him

subscribe to a newspaper and not beat myself up it if i let them stack up/ or stop reading them

buy a barn for stray cats

buy all the books from local authors

pay david blaine to come to my next birthday so we could ask him to make his boxers disappear


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