why i lost march madness

why i picked these teams to compete in the regional conferences:


ohio – because the rock & roll hall of fame is there; the rock and roll hall of flame has the sex pistol’s jacket and blondie’s wig; and i like looking out on lake erie and feeling like i’m in the middle of the country

purdue- cause a guy i have a crush on is from there; my sister-in-law who is really nice went to school there; they have a really neat home improvement store called Manards


wisconsin-i really like cheese, it’s close to canada (where no one i know is from), its big, it has an art school; midwesterners are nice people

florida st-it’s in my home state


saint louis- it’s where louis and clark started off on their journey so its got some cool rivers; it has a free zoo and a free art musuem if you go to Forest Park; it’s got a twin and you can tell this by its arch; saint charles reinacts  the 1800’s every summer

missouri-it has the ozarks; its where my friend’s friend is from and she’s really patient


south dakota-the sioux american indian tribe lives there; my librarian moved there to open a B&B, i’ve heard kids do really well on the S.A.T.S there

notre dame-i really liked watching rudy; i like the name “south bend’; a cool red-head applied there from high school; my creepy school’s treasurer had a picture of their cathedral above his desk

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