Sarah Palin: Game Change

I’m not coordinated so I don’t know how I got a friend who is.  but bill was the special effects coordinator on “game change” and he invited me to the private screening. because it was filmed here.

but i won free tickets to radiohead; i got entered into a raffle for donating 20 2 WTMD..that’s how i’ll thank bill

unfortunately i have in common with sarah palin:


  • (before i looked it up) we both didn’t know why north and south korea were seperate countries
  • neither of us knew much about history in between World War I & II
  • and when we learn about history and the allied powers and etc we take more time writing down notes than actually listening
  • we both like Diet Dr. Pepper
  • both of us buy our clothes from consignment shops
  • i grow into a catanoic stooper too when i’ve had to study for 10 hours striaght…then i start not responding
  • we both are better at ad-libbing about our families than about politics
  • i’m intimidated by katie couric too
  • i start drowning out the world also by texting and pretending i can’t hear anybody when someone’s trying to get my attention

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