The Republican Candidates

how to escape politics..

well i sure as heck know that sometimes i just feel like doing something else.  people in Europe are so different and sometimes i’m like , “how come america’s not more like that?”

down below i picked and chose.  since america’s all up in the air right now with what it wants to be i started thinking of where people have it together.

well maybe no one has it together.  but we could always spice things up somehow ya know?

1. if you could get mitt romney or rick santorum to sing, which of these songs would you choose:

a. BECK-loser                                    b.GIN BLOSSOMS- hey jealousy              c.EMF- you’re unbelievable

2. out of all these, which voice do you wish would be overdubbed when any one of the republican candidates talked?

a.ted williams, the “golden voice”,           b. cindi lauper                     c. dexter from his labratory

3.if you could choose any of these people to interview and ask any question they wanted of mitt romney or rick santorum who would it be?

a.blake, from workaholics          b. charlie Sheen                c. lisa, from the simpsons

4. if you got to dress mitt romney or rick santorum up as anything which one of these would it be:

a. a girl                                                 b. david koresh, Waco Texas                    c. or an obama look-alike

5.since these negative campaign ads are growing OLD which TV series do you wish would switch on when one popped up?

a. singled-out, jenny mccarthy                 b.alf                       c. double dare


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