The Bachelor

10 reasons why they’d think twice about asking me out on the bachelor:

if i hide behind my computer desk at work then i’d probably hide behind the cameras on the bachelor

i don’t like to drink that much so i could see myself cashing into bed early and not having much to say

im a 36 AA as far as bra sizes go and it would show if i ever had to do some propelling off the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

oh by the way i’m afraid of heights…i would would have checked out, shaken hands with Ben, and turned around right then and there

im not good at selling myself on interviews, actually i’m pretty self-deprecating

at a casting call i’d be more likely to talk about what things i’m “working on” rather than my assets

blond hair? the only color other than brown that i’ve ever dyed my hair has been red and black

i pretty much have mostly all guy friends and when i get around a bunch of girls i start beating myself up for talking like Carrie from “Sex in the City”

i get homesick for my cats when i’m away from them more than 2 weeks at a time

i go to bed at 9


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