the oscars

things that stuck out…

sascha baron cohen

sasha baron cohen dressed up as a dictator advertising his new movie and spilling Kim Jong Il’s ashes all over Ryan Seacrest

billy crystal

how he panned the camera around to actors predicting outloud what brad pitt, angelina jolie, nick nolte, and martin scorsese were thinking of

nick nolte

how billy crystal pretended that nick nolte was making grunting noises in his head while the camera stayed on him

how nick nolte actually looks like he would make grunting noises in real life because he has a bushy beard and he doesn’t look anything like he used to

emma stone

how emma stone told ben stiller that she wanted to pull jonah hill up from the audience to dance with him and how jonah hill acted out “no way”

meryl streep

(best actress, iron lady)

how she said that she heard a million viewers in her head groan when she won because she’s received 17 award nominations, more than any other actress

octavia spencer

(best supporting actress, the help)

how the crowd gave a standing ovation for her winning in her role as “Minny”

natalie portman

how did she get to give the award for best actor when she wasn’t even in a film this year?

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