on saturdays i try to…

wake up early to read the new yorker

but i wind up waking up late fishing for all the receipts saying how much i spent the night before and reading my Flaming Lips biography

go to the gym to run 5 miles at some point in the day

but i wind up walking around with a date at the inner harbor, passing by a couple of bars and drinking a few bloody mary’s until it’s all dark outside

get up early to go to the farmer’s market

but i wind up passing by whole foods late with a date, buying things we don’t need like chocolate covered raisins, pumpkin seeds, frozen tempe dinners, and Simply Limeade

submit all my long manuscripts to different publishing agencies

but i wind up reading other people’s blogs for hours and hours instead and reading interview after interview on pitchfork.com and watching music videos there too

i try to get up early and call my mom and dad

but i wind up calling up my friend brad and wasting all the money i’d saved during the week at the movies, at a crepe bar, and at weird off-beat places like “the holiday house” on harford road

pumpkin seeds


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