jury duty


i didn’t mind it because:

8 am: they gave me a free newspaper

9 am: the clerk’s office gave me $15

10 am: i walked along to the courthouse with a hot guy in a sweatshirt that matched mine

11 am: i got squished in next to a nice red-head who had on some nice smelling cologne

12 am: i got to try and get out of being on the panel by using trying out persuasion: “my dad is a former judge and my step-mother used to be a public defender”

1 pm: the last person called to serve on the jury panel was 166 and my number was 168

3:30 pm: they put on “Maid in Manhattan” on a flat screen TV

4:00 pm: they let us leave an hour early

5:00 pm: i bonded with my dad who used to be a judge because i told him he’s more patient than i thought- he had to endure 3 1/2 hour jury selection process (voie dire)

10 am-1pm: made a new twitter follower from the tweets i thought up sitting through voie dire

tweet- serving jury duty is giving me practice for how people are going to react to vending machines come time for the apocalypse


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