i think i believe in ghosts

because i still look under my bed at night before i go to bed

and i always have to think twice about whether the pillow thats wrapped up in a plastic bag is a person’s head or not

i think i do because when my cats get scared and meow at a wall i take that for meaning they are seeing something (like a ghost)

i wake up having nightmares every night and i run out of my room.

one time i wrestled with an imaginery person for my light bulb because i thought he was taking it out of my lamp.

one of the nightmares i had was that my curtains were a person that was coming to take my furniture away

i take double looks behind me cause i think somethings behind me when i walk in the dark (there could be though, this is baltimore)

i really believed eveything that happend on the show Medium was real and i think about what i’d do if those things happenend to me


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