campaign contributions

i’d contribute lots of $$ to obama if…

he showed Southwest the interior of AirForce 1 and encouraged them to do the same

i could get my campaign contribution back on 12/13/12 in the event that an apocalypse did happen

if obama made airline transportation officials offer Starbursts everytime they asked us to go back through the security scanners

he let people like my mom wait for me in the airport at the gate like people used to

if obama finished singing Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together” on live TV

by pointing out to Mitt that he “talked” out “America the Beautiful” and by showing romney who’s boss by singing it 5x better

if i got a bumper sticker saying “I contributed ” with any colors other than red, white, and blue

if obama held a campaign fundraiser dressed all in black and that was held at the 9:30 Club

if he reinstated the original tour of the white house so we could all see the letter “W”‘s taken off the computer keyboards by Bill Clinton’s staff when Bush took office

if he encouraged a second decent rock station to listen to while driving through D.C. proper


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