people i’ve talked to today:

a homeless guy asking me if I’d seen the members of congress on the subway by Greenmount get on with the mayor

my friend Scott about Prop 9 being declared unconstitutional

a guy with a heavier briefcase than mine, and a more expensive computer than me who asked me to “watch” his stuff

Yair, my mom, my dad on a conference call: how to survey workers in Baltimore to get them to bike more

yair through IM talking about how cool my step-dad’s accent is via computer and while we were on the conference call

my mom about how to find a job based on my “true colors”—wouldn’t ya know?  they’re blue.  good luck me.

aika, brian, about how i’d pay them anything or whatever it takes to fix my cabinet.  it fell out of the wall with my cat in it at 12 am while i was trying to watch the bachelor.  i kept trying to watch after it happened anyway.


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