[if my grandmother were still alive this is probably how she’d respond to my decisions:]

[to paternal grandmother, from me]

to: (father’s mom)

hi nina, no. i’m not giving up on teaching all together i’m just taking a break. did i tell you that i got a job well they want me to volunteer at an art school.  i think it will be good.  i’m making lots of contacts. like for example i wrote a proposal for a friend of mine the other day about helping people bike more in baltimore.

hi tracy. you say you are working for free?  what kind of work is working for free?  what’s this about a proposal.  are you doing this for free too?  and biking?  i heard baltimore is very dangerous.  why would you bike when you have a perfectly nice car?

hi nina, i’m just doing favors is all and besides i need the practice.  everyone bikes here in baltimore because it’s good exercise. but don’t worry i have lots of friends who like to bike too so we do it together.  did i tell you that i applied to grad school?  i forgot to mention that.

tracy, you say you applied to grad school?  how much is that?  where? don’t forget all the debt your brother has incurred while getting his PH.D.. your father tells me he hasn’t even started his dissertation.  your father also tells me he has $500 a month to pay back in loans.  what would you be getting your masters degree in? please tell me you haven’t asked your father to pay for all of this.

hi nina!  well i haven’t exactly asked yet about it but i planned on going back to school to get a degree for an MFA: CREATIVE WRITING.  some of these magazines that i’ve gotten in touch with say that i have talent and that if i got more experience that they might be able to hire me to do copy editing. wouldn’t that be great?

tracy, you have me very worried now.  creative writing?  was this your mother’s idea?  and what will you do with a creative writing degree? you have me very worried.

hi nina, um im sort of getting a lot of spam on my email like from weird business people who are asking me for a lot of money for weird products so i’m changing it.  i’ll let you know when i get a new one.  till then don’t worry about me, put sunscreen on when you’re at the beach and take care.


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