on Wednesday i woke up bored and so when yair called me to go for a run i said to book seller that i had second thoughts about riding all that way to columbia.  i was gonna go on my own and see and record conversations at the book auction but then i thought about what people would say and maybe it wouldn’t be much.

we ran through the harbor and i asked yair if he’d ever gone to Dick’s hotdogs and then he stopped and i kept running so i could think about my crush alone.  i called my crush at 8 am because i had a dream that he slept with my best friend.  the night before he said he SWORE that he saw her at the library .  and i said “can i go to your library so you can think you saw me?”  but he said no.

yair is the mayor of his town in ‘four squared’.  you get to be mayor when you post where you are during the day like after 200 times. this meant that for a month whenever he wanted, he could get free hot dogs at Stugey’s.  we were gonna get one and share one but they were closed.  after we split a hot dog by the harbor we stopped by the waterfront hotel got chicken sandwiches and talked business.  yair is starting up a thing on the internet called bike baltimore and he wants me to help him.

i went to the library yesterday and i looked up how to do proposals for bike more baltimore and read up on how to be anal and organized.  and then i walked home with two drunk hampden guys following me.  when i walked into the median they walked there too.  when i walked to the other side of the road they walked there too. they walked back to the opposite side when i did too.


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