buffalo projects

stoneybrook came out tonight to see dave l. read with me at the artichoke haircut reading cause  i didn’t want to go alone.  i didn’t even look for dave until he got up to read and then i told stoneybrook that he owed me a beer because i needed that help some.  i can’t look at dave l. because he’s a good out-loud reader and i’ll just think of when we watched touch of evil and read h.s. thompson’s: TO WJZ-TV13. dave is cool because he knows more than two of me know about songs.

i said i’d drink vokda at stoneybrook’s place because he owed me an economist but when i got to his place i felt like jane fonda in barbella.  he had to pull my boots off cause i was trying to be polite. we watched tao lin and megan boyle trailers.  we practiced reading dialogue together and we recorded it because we’re submitting lately a lot to:  1. firehouse 2. thought catalog 3. pangur ban party.

ive been walking a lot to hampden, mount vernon and the roland park library.  on monday i passed by the baby store on falls road and i sat thinking of baby clothes and baby oneseys and questioning baby strollers and my mom.  i walked into true vine and bought half a double set of an old santana album cause i felt depressed.  i wrote depressed stuff for follow the buffalo project and i sped read through all of it and they couldn’t understand any of it. and then i submitted it.

abandoned towers magazine emailed me and asked me to sign a contract for my short story that they accepted.  and then i felt like my day had sorta turned around. i wanted to call up my mom up to tell her about it but she called from a hospital about my cousin, so i waited.

i called my cousin and left a long message after i called the dark horse saloon to complain.  i said the waitress wouldn’t wait on me after i made the mistake of showing her my living social coupon right when i got there.  but then they said they’d give me a gift card so i’ll go again and use it even when she is there cause i met a guy from iowa, which is my favorite state


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