fictional guys

can’t get these ones out of my head:

“Isidro loved the guy Teddy.  He was Mr. Tourist, every taxi driver’s dream  The kind not only wants to see everything in the guidebook, he wants the same driver every day because he trusts him and believes whatever the driver tells him. Like he wants the driver to approve of him.”- Glitz, by Elmore Leonard

“It wasn’t just Billy the Poet who was attracted to Hostessess in Ethical Suicide Parlors.  All nothingheads were.  Bombed out of their skulls with the sex madness that came from taking nothing, they thought the white lips and big eyes and body stockings and boots of a Hostess spelled sex, sex, sex.”- Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut

“‘What are you reading these days?'” I asked Michael.  He was an actor , but he didn’t work that much and he wouldn’t do TV, so he made his money reading Books on Tape. He had to do it under a pseudonym, Wolfram-Malevich, because it was non-union.”- White Oleander, by Janet Finch


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