free stuff

i spent the better part of the last three days facebooking stoneybrook and deciding where to meet outside the bromo seltzer tower.  when I got there though the doors were closed and the fat guy that usually sat in the main lobby with the cane wasn’t there to listen to the shaft and to tell me to take the elevator .

then an old guy asked us if we wanted his tickets to the convention so we said “we’ll see about it.”

he (stoneybrook) looked at the tables and said hi to the people that had bowls of free dove chocolate, jolly ranchers, and hot popper gum balls on them.  i went up to the booth that had kitchen counter samples and that advertised remodeling.

we stepped into a van that went around advertising this to people’s houses and i made an appointment.  stoneybrooke and i checked out different samples inside the truck and we both felt that if we had to choose, we  would pick the one that said ‘delicatus’ for our kitchen.

i showed stoneybrook how to get into the science fair for free and then how to get into the IMAX theatre for free so that we could watch “BEARS” for 45m.  we then laughed at the country singer that did the theme for it because we couldn’t tell if he was a hunter or an activist.

stoneybrook said that the advocate in alaska for the bear’s preservation was really not helping the bears at all.  a hunter might dress up in a blond wig, fly down on a seaplane, and get real close to the bears so that they could have an easy aim.

then we had to pee and so we went inside blue agave and we were also really hungry and felt like sharing margartias but we both felt like we could wait so we said to the hostess that we’d be back next week or next month.

we walked up 6 flights to his apartment that looked across at the bromo seltzer tower and saw that his roommates door was shut. there were five pairs of shoes next to the door, some dress ones, and i figured i’d put mine there too out of respect.  then stoneybrook and i exchanged books and he gave me a candid impression of mike bushnell:              (who’s book i borrowed):

i went home and made this list since i told myself that i hadn’t finished doing a job search on and because i hadn’t finished talking with my parents’ friend who was a lawyer, about why i deserved $$ back from the hotel where my cats peed.

things i finish lately

putting away the dishes as soon as i wash them in the dishwasher

folding my clothes as soon as i wash them in the laundry

“how to read comics”, by scott mccloud

my dad’s old November edition of the new yorker

my dad’s mailed december edition of the new yorker

my dad’s mailed january edition of the new yorker

my dad’s mailed january/february edition of the atlantic monthly

the 2nd box of pizza that i shouldn’t have bought the other night when we watched 16 candles


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