dad’s #1 coffee

i planned on taking apart magazines and connecting pictures with words for this collage that i got the idea from at gallery owner’s TEACH opening but then Book Seller called.  he emailed and said that he needed a break from selling after i wrote him and said that charlize theron killed herself in “the road” and that maybe she should have done that same thing after the party in “young adult”.

he asked if we could meet up for breakfast at holy frajoles and then i grabbed the#1 DAD cup of coffee off the waiter’s tray before he even took off our salsa, two burritos, and corn chips.

book seller goes to auctions and he outbid a lady over and over again for cook books because he thought she was with this rich guy and that she was his secertary. but then he wound up paying all this money for the cookbooks and he actually didn’t want them so he wound up giving all the cookbooks to the lady anyway.

book seller started collecting books 7 years ago and lately he’s trying to get rid of Leo Tolstoy’s son’s book which is a signed biography about his dad.

i offered to pay book seller $1 for every cool conversation he hears because he goes to auctions outside the city a lot and eventually i wanna catalog them all and make a book of just dialogue.  book seller offered up this idea too he said “why don’t you come with me to the auction on tuesday?it’s in columbia. there’s lots of good conversation you could record”.

i thought about this while we went into the art space and where i decided to save up for an $85 painting just so i could get gallery owner to frame it.

 things i want to record for dialogue

a private conversation that i’m not aloud to hear (anyone’s is fine )

an interview like at a starbucks with the manager and someone who is answering all the manager’s questions and who really wants the job

[for example: question- “give me an example of a time at a job when you did not do a good job at providing customer service”

answer- something hopefully that will be good for dialogue]

a phone conversation between a coffee employee on the phone with someone who he is not supposed to be talking on the phone with , while at work and someone

a hot hipster guy who drank  a lot the night before, doesn’t remember it, with a tattoo sleeve all up and down who is talking about who he hooked up with telling to all over coffee to, with someone he trusts

*pretty much all of this can be recorded at a coffee house


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