thought bubbles

i sat in holy frajoles reading “understanding comics ” and wondering how long I could get away with taking up the couch and not ordering anything

i figured if I pretended to check my wrist like I had a watch on then it would look like I was waiting on somebody

realized when I have paper and a pen where I can’t get to it or my phone off zipped up in my purse , then I have a thought

The reason why i appreciate laziness is because when I go to my favorite mexican restaurant there’s always some new hot artist who took the place of the one before, who’s gonna serve you

Whenever I’m regularly dating four guys at the same time, all in successful relationships, I see my pattern of smoking on the decline

Sometimes I tell myself “okay I’ll get something if this waiter asks if I want a menu” just to save money . But then I find myself watching the waiters and waiting for them to ask me if i want a menu

I heard once that you can write more when you eat lots of spicy foods. Sometimes though I counter that with drinking beer and you know where that goes…

Sometimes after I text a really hot guy friend that’s aloof I text one of my girlfriends so that when i feel her text vibrate I pretend it’s him

In the past 3 nights I’ve had champagne w/ strawberries for free , 2 glasses of house red wine for free, and 1 glass of Natty Boh for free. And then after that all over the place and I went back to his house and he made something for us that was close to lemoncellos

If I think someones following me and i look behind me it makes me more nervous than just staring straight ahead

(this sounded better after having 2 1/2 tecates with a friend)


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