friday’s checklist

wake up on time at 8:15 and get to page 38 from page 35 in my “Understanding Comics” book by Scott McCloud

check not checked √

get all-over the place to make me French Press coffee after getting up at his place on time, like around 7:30

check not checked √

have a successful interview with Ms. Simms at Goucher college, enough to give me hope that the networks that I will make will make it worth spending $750/credit for a creative writing program

check not checked√

come away with a list of seven successful jobs that i can take away from the interview that will make me prosper and that will lead to more money now than i’m making as a school teacher

check not checked √

find $4 brie, $3 crackers, and $3 worth of fruit for Gallery Owner’s framing art show at 6 pm to 8pm and to fit within his budget of $10

check √ not checked

successfully light 14 vanilla tea candles into picassiette candle holders without synging my hair like last time and with the possibility of getting 1 of the picassiettes for free

check√ not checked

try not to laugh too much after the part where Molly Ringwald’s sister takes 4 muscle relaxers and then tries to eat all the bird seed that people threw at her wedding, while hosting a 16 candles pizza party with four of my friends

check not checked √

resist going out and drinking more wine after staying up till 6 am the night before with Yair at Golden West and then after saving/picking up all-over-the-place from walking home in the rain at Mount Royal Tavern

check not checked √

after watching YouTube videos of dore mice, plugging my ears when listening debated why cows are better than deer, and asking if the Chrysler 200C had bench seats, studying Gallery Owner’s sister’s chili recipe and deciding of which guy friend i would make it for and on which night i would ask them over

check √ not checked


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