right after i watched my red x-mas lights burn out over my curtain, i walked towards the herwin factory for the black fat cat i used to feed three times a week and i saw my mixing bowl there full of leaves.  i purposely walked through wet gravel so I could get a better look at the man drilling in a stockyard and then I went and looked for my keys and found those but not my car. I would have smiled back at the guy eating David’s takeout from a container next to a fire hydrant but I yelled at the impound lot instead.  There are people who owe me like 1. my school said they’d reimburse me for school 2. so did state farm, but for writing that check out to Puro Clean and 3. and my school for all those things that I bought for the kids.  But when it came down to it i wound up getting my parents to help me out with it.

acupuncture works if you can stop thinking of other things, keep your wrists in the neutral position and if you don’t fall asleep.  usually i wanna do one or the other and most of the time i do my mantras from the stories i’ve read lately, in four sets with two different books and four different characters.  today erin put two needles in each of my feet, one in each ankle, one in each wrist, then one in my head.  i asked if erin was gonna put like twenty in my back because that’s what she did before and that’s what i was here for today, but she said that acupuncture will never be as good as the first time.  when she left i thought of the poem Steven recited for me yesterday of how Rimbaud was enjoying the clouds and the sea before he had to go back to the Urbs and the city and work.  then i sat up fast cause that’s what i do when i figured out that im high and that im thinking all these weird thoughts. so i tried to stay awake the rest of the time i was on the operating table.  the operating table was dressed up to look like an acupuncture table. it had sheets that were purple and that had black scrolls all up and down them.  i never forgot that i was a patient though.


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